50% off salon services at Sizzors Salon!!!!

If you go to Sizzors to buy a ring (or rings!), you will get 50% OFF any salon service, from now until September! Wow! This is a really great salon, too. I will be delivering a new selection of rings tomorrow, July 22. A HUGE thank you to Sizzors salon!

Support the following businesses and check out my rings! 


The first place in Lawrence to help me out and display my rings is
Sizzors Salon.  They have been unbelievably nice and gone well out of their way to help our cause.  Not only have they displayed our rings, they have also helped come up with lists of other local businesses to contact, as well as donate buttons to help make the rings!  They are an amazing salon....check them out! http://sizzorsinc.com/


The Signs of Life bookstore (also owned by a local family adopting from Ethiopia) is full of great books, coffee, and art! It is located on Mass St. in downtown Lawrence.  My rings are located at the checkout counter in the book section of the store!  Check them out at www.signsoflifebooks.com.