Adoption Cost and Fees

Click on the file below to view detailed information on costs and fees.  If you cannot get the file to open, this information can also be found on the Hope Adoption Agency's website.

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Our Next Fee

The next fee we have to cover is the big one! Although it is the biggest check we will have had to write, it is the last one standing in between us and our baby. We are still a few thousand dollars short,  and we're being as frugal as we can...and don't mind a bit! Many of our friends on Facebook have been spreading the word about our adoption (and our rings!) to their friends, so my wife has quite a few ring orders to fill. We hope to take care of this last BIG fee in the next 3 or 4 months, God willing!

What we are Doing

So far, we have sold everything that is not nailed down.  Anything we don't need, is gone.  This has helped us cover much of the expenses so far. 
We are also applying for grants and are hoping we will get at least one of them.
After talking with many other families who are adopting, we decided we need to do something else to raise money.  So, since I am somewhat creative, this is what we came up with.