Our Baby Girl!

She was born in April!  She has been at the orphanage since she was about 1 month old.  They know very little information about her.  We are not even sure if she had been given a name before she came into the orphanage.  She has a first name, no last name, no middle name, and only an approximate birthdate.  She has been checked out by the agency doctors, and is a healthy little girl.  We are thinking she must be a bit more than one month, because she already weighs 11.9 pounds and 24 inches long!.  We are both in shock and already head over heals in love with her!

Our Current Family

Our names are Ross and Michelle Merritt.  We have been married for seven years, and can't wait to finally become parents!

We have two cats which we got right after we were married named Truman and Abby, one dog, Maisy (the boss).